On Russia…

 panchodelaluna said: 

Hi kimmy! russia i think is displaying muscles there is already a semi invasion… i pray that this will not end up in civil war…

Yep, it seems that way. It’s certainly trying to make sure that the new government in Ukraine will not issue policies which will be detrimental to Russia’s (Putin’s) interests.

The developments in Ukraine and how Russia is reacting seem to remind me of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution - where the Hungarians replaced their government with one of their liking, only to be crushed by the (then Soviet) Russians who felt that their power was being challenged by a mere satellite state.

It remains to be seen though how Russia will conduct itself in the next few days. Unlike what happened with Hungary then, the world is watching this time closely. But I do hope that the international community will not sit idly by as Russia moves in to reinstate a leader in Ukraine of its own liking. Back in ‘56, the world did nothing.

I hope things are better where you are my friend.