The project will be implemented by the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) with design and construction support from Japanese engineers and technicians. The Vietnam Satellite Center, part of VAST, was established in September 2011 to oversee and implement the project.

Once the center has been built, Vietnam will have the most modern space science facility in Southeast Asia.

- Asian Scientist

This is what happens when a country devotes more time and money to science and technology instead of fruitless legislative inquiries, which amount to nothing else but political grandstanding. The millions of pesos spent on those should have been put into good use with science and technology programs.

I must admit, I am a bit jealous that a neighboring country which was devastated by a series of wars from 1945 to 1979, is now more developed than my country. The Philippines was the leading country in the neighborhood in the post war era.

Then again, while the Vietnamese spent more time in science and technology education and strengthened research and development, all we Filipinos ever did was engage in chismis and saturate our heads with the lives of celebrities and political characters.

What we have become is a country of wannabe celebrities with most of our youth dreaming of becoming the latest hit on TV, instead of becoming doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, etc. Ask any kid or teen in any urban center in the country as to what they want to be and they’d say they want to be in showbiz.

I guess it’s easier to make money as a celebrity than a scientist in this country. Who cares about Vietnam having a Space Center anyway?