While the country’s leading TV stations are showing me a Christmas party and a gag show, the city of my birth still does not have running water; some areas still without electricity; and people still needing food, clothing and water.

I must say though, the international press is doing a better job at covering the disaster. Below are some links:

  1. Storms pound Philippines in the thick of night, kill at least 436 (msnbc)
  2. Philippines Flooding Kills At Least 436 (TIME)
  3. Philippines storm kills hundreds in Mindanao flash floods (BBC)
  4. Philippines Typhoon Floods ‘Kill Up To 440’ (skynews)
  5. Philippines tropical storm kills hundreds (Guardian)

For those willing to help out, as the picture above suggests, please click through the pic. The Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan is collecting relief goods and donations for the victims of the flood.

From my end, I can now rest, after finally being able to communicate with my family. They evacuated our house as soon as they observed the waters of the Iponan River (which is just few meters from our house) rise.

My brother told me that things happened fast. So fast they weren’t even able to wear their slippers when they left. But at least they are now all safe and accounted for. Thank God!