Evidence indicates that having a higher education continues to be a distinct advantage in securing employment. Across Southeast Asia, unemployment among graduates is lower than for nongraduates (Sakellariou 2010). Nonetheless, unemployment among university graduates is on the rise (Postiglione 2011, World Bank 2011). Within that general trend is considerable variation among countries. Cambodia, Thailand, and Viet Nam continue to have the lowest unemployment rates; the highest graduate unemployment rates continue to be in Indonesia and Philippines.

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Hate to burst the bubble of some of those who just graduated but this is the reality my dear friends. 

Let me be honest though, this Asian Development Bank report came out December last year. Who knows, there might have been significant changes in the employment sector over the past few months… Nah…

Still, let me say this to those who just graduated and those about to graduate: May the odds ever be to your favor.