Forget China and India, it’s time for “Breakout Nations” - Investing 201

The BRICS are so yesterday, says Morgan Stanley’s Ruchir Sharma. Rapid growth can’t be sustained and it’s time to look to the next decade’s big growers for big returns. Reuters Fred Katayama tells why Turkey, Indonesia and the Philippines are the next big bet. (April 25, 2012)

I saw this earlier but I thought I’d share it first on Facebook. And yes, the guys in Morgan Stanley and Reuters think the country’s among the three “Breakout Nations” for investors.

And when travel blogger @habagatcentral posted this on his wall, a friend of his also posted an article on the Philippine economy from a Singaporean paper.

Yes dear friends, these good news on our rising economy come from foreign financial analysts and journalists, not the Yellow Army.

Hard to believe ain’t it?