filipinafemme replied to your postPercentages on racial lineage…

i am constantly bothered when people ask me as a mixed person to break down my identity into percentages for them. i feel like am every part of me equally. it drives me crazy for others to try to split my heritage up like a pie chart! the points you raise in this post are super interesting, and help me begin to articulate what is so off-putting about this kind of breakdown.

I can only imagine what that feels like Angie. I do have friends who are also of mixed heritage, with some having Irish and German surnames. And they always get accosted by other Filipinos whenever they introduce themselves. It’s enough that we are able to point out that we have ancestors from other races. To quantify those into percentages is already too much, aside from being impossible. 

I think most Filipinos also tend to forget that the Philippines has been a country of migrants from the various areas and islands in East Asia. We have had Malays, Chinese, Cambodians, Japanese, even Indians and Arabs, land on our shores long before the Spanish even set eyes on the archipelago.

The Filipino is already a product of the mixture of races. As such, it is unnecessary to breakdown down those races by the percentage in a pseudo-science, which does nothing but only undermine the beauty and admirable characteristics of those who have no recent or direct foreign lineage.