Isaac Stone Fish:

In its last print issueForeign Policy published an article by Thomas Rid, a reader in war studies at King’s college London, arguing that virtual conflict is still more hype than reality. Someone at China’s state news agency Xinhua must have agreed, because they published practically the entire article (In Chinese here and here). Well, not all of it: the seventh section, which argues that the biggest worry in places like China “is not collapsing power plants, but collapsing political power,” for some unexplainable reason didn’t get translated…

Xinhua ‘borrows’ a lot of articles from foreign newswires and publications — including Onion.

Punchline 2. If you can’t afford the pricey foreign news wires, try cheapo Xinhua. It just copies ‘em verbatim — the original typo errors included.

Them Xinhua guys must really luuuvv copy-paste!