STUDY: Kardashians Get 40 Times More News Coverage Than Ocean Acidification

Ocean acidification, which is currently at levels of 30% acidity and rising, has been called “global warming’s evil twin” and may be even more deadly and destructive than global warming itself, yet it receives very little media coverage. This is a huge media fail.

It’s the same case where I am. Scandals and controversies involving celebrities are given more media mileage than the internal displacement of indigenous communities due to mining; or the proliferation of illegal logging activities in several areas around the country.

I guess news that matter do not have “juicy” details like those of the lives of celebrities and other social figures. Aside from the questionable news evaluation, it is important to note that what the media feeds the public, is actually a reflection of the preferences of the society we have now.

(via crookedindifference)