Favourite People


For reasons unbeknownst to me these people have helped me grow as an artist and as a person through their work and by getting to know them.

This list is by no means complete and the individuals listed here are by no means my only favourite people. They belong to different disciplines and walks of life. Tread carefully. 


Light and darkness cannot exist without the other, they are not opposites but two parts of a whole. She explores that realm with photography and writing, sometimes unaware of it herself. Lose yourself in scapes: sea, land, and body, as she goes about.


Raw emotion and movement. Kesler is one of my major influences in photography even if he doesn’t know about it. Forget clean and posed shots, his work is a whole different level.


Listening to my melodrama on more than one occasion along with my fanboying over some of her friends Charlene was my first real model to shoot, even if she vaguely resembled a mannequin that time and here we both are with most people saying that this shot of her is one of my best yet.


Photography, art, rants and raves. Me and Kath still aren’t sure how we got to be close, but neither of us are complaining. Her and M are some of the must fun people to be around while being able to have some of the best discussions you’d ever have. When we’re not talking of beer, food, and boobs that is.


Raw talent refined through hours of practice. When it comes to digital art Julius will always be one of my favourites, that’s not even counting the fact that he has to be one of my closest friends. Sarcastic, narcissistic, sometimes insecure, insanely talented, lazy, and not unattractive. Words that could be used to describe both of us. Chos


Part-time bully, model, artist;Full-time gourmand. Wacky, lovely, creepy, odd, and kitschy there’s rarely a dull moment with Krish, at either her or your expense. Wouldn’t be half the photographer I am now without her. 

Sir Kim

“To look in the eyes of a wolf is to see your own soul - hope you like what you see” That’s the first thing you notice when you go on his blog, in a country where nationalism and Pinoy Pride ring hollow there are few people who can truly claim love for their country, I’d place Sir Kim among them. An educator in his own way I’ve learned more about my own sense of identity among different cultures from discussions with him, that and being able to indulge in my interest in the humanities. Try having a look, hope you like what you see.

Thank you very much Jash! I do also learn much from you. As they say, learning is a two-way street and in our exchanges, I have somehow grown to understand where we, who are slightly (just slightly) older than your generation, have failed to pass on, the things we have also acquired from those who came before us.

May you continue to be curious and insightful of the world around you. And may your focus on issues which confront our society, be as continuously sharp as that of your camera. Good luck in all your endeavors!

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