Thanks Anna!



Over the past few days, rains caused by the South West Monsoon have been pouring over several areas in Luzon and the Visayas. And while at first they were only adding force to the typhoon that was Saola (known locally as Gener) a week ago. Now, the monsoon is blazing its own path of death and destruction. I hope Luzon would have better weather in the new few hours. Stay safe everyone.

Kaya natin to!

Kim, who’s based in the Philippines, runs an absolutely fantastic Tumblr and is a wonderful friend. You’re truly missing out if you’re not already following him.

Thanks for keeping us updated, Kim.

Thanks Anna! I really appreciate the kind words and the signal boost for what is happening here. It has been raining intermittently for the previous 9 days already. But heavy rains started pouring last night (August 7 in my side of the dateline). And it has gone on almost continuously over the past 24 hours. The weathermen say we will continue to have heavy rain for 24 hours more. I sure hope there would be no more additional casualties from now until then.

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