Rock Ed Philippines partnered with the National Youth Commission (NYC) and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) in an educational stretch called “The Memory Quarter.” From Sept 21, the anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines until Dec 10, International Human Rights Day, the three groups will focus on a campaign called “TANDAAN. KALAYAAN. ALAGAAN.” (#TKA) This is the first of a series of animated videos by graphic novel writer and artist Arnold Arre depicting scenes and lessons we take from the dark years of Martial rule in the country. We encourage the use of the videos for educational purposes. Teachers are free to download the files from the internet. We only request that you acknowledge the artist and play the videos in full. (Copyright 2012 Rock Ed, NYC, & CHR.)

It is a nod to all the Filipinos who offered effort, blood, and life to fight for the freedom of our nation. To the thousands of students who offered their best years to the struggle, to all the children of desaparecidos, to all the innocents incarcerated, tortured, and killed, to all the academics who taught their students about justice, to all the parents who lost their sons and daughters because they were deemed rebels and wrong - we offer this campaign.

Feel free to invite representatives from Rock Ed, NYC, and CHR to your schools from now until December 10 for a forum on Human Rights and/or a forum-discussion on “The Lessons of Martial Law.”

Remember, we are free because Filipinos who came before us fought for us. Today was the tomorrow they dreamed of, therefore it is our responsibility to hand over a freer, more just Philippines to those who will come after us. 

Tandaan. Kalayaan. Alagaan. 

gangbadoy /21 Sep 2012 

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