Descriptions of the supposed rapture reminded me of scenes from this movie. In the movie though, the human beings, instead of being “elevated” into heaven, are sucked by alien ships.

And oh, saw this just a few minutes ago from the Christian Science Monitor:

Apocalypse Not: Harold Camping wrong – again – about ‘The Rapture’

Mr. Camping had prophesied that at 6 p.m. Saturday (local time around the world) the “saved” would ascend to heaven and the rest of you – OK, the rest of us – would be wiped out by October in earthquakes, floods, and war.

But that fateful hour has come and gone in the Pacific islands, New Zealand, Australia, and on through east Asia, and it’s turned out to be “Apocalypse Not.” Either that or nobody in that part of the world was worthy of ascension.

I must say though, Mr. Camping gave the world something to poke fun about over this weekend. I wonder though when he’d make another admission of miscalculation and re-adjust the date of the rapture (again).